Lobo Lodge Kennels Services Masthead

Dog Boarding
$21 per day
Cat Boarding
$16 per day

Multiple Dog

3rd Dog in Same Run
is Half Price
3rd Cat in Same Run
is Half Price

(including Injections)

Pick Up &
Delivery Service

Drop-off and
Pick-up Hours
by Appointment

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 4pm-6pm
Large Indoor-Outdoor Runs
- Runs are heated
  and air conditionedLobo Lodge Interior Kennel
- Sanitized daily inside
  and out
- Run size over 100
  square feet! (6x5
  inside run, 6x12
  outside run)
- Dogs are NEVER
  crated or caged
- Soothing background
  music during the day

Exercise Areas
- No charge for exercise
  and play time
- Dogs are let out to run
  and play individually
  several times a day 
  in our large security
  fenced exercise areas
Lobo Lodge Interior Kennel
Meals & Treats
- No charge for
  specialized feeding
- We recommend that
  you bring your pet's
  own food to avoid any
  upset stomachs
- Free “cookie” treats and
  extra hugs
- Authorized dealer of
  Wellness dog food

Cat Boarding
- Your cat will have its own large enclosed indoor run (nothing like a crate!)
- Run includes shelf, covered chair, fresh litter box, water, food
- Sanitized daily
- Soothing background music during the day
- Same "Home Away From Home" love and attention that our dog boarders receive

- Baths, nails and grooming available

Security Fencing
- Your dog will be safe within our multiple fence areas. The kennel and exercise areas
  are security fenced, along with perimeter property fencing
- 24 hour video monitoring for additional safety

Lobo Lodge Kennels Exterior views