Large Indoor/
Outdoor Runs
Runs are heated
and air conditioned

Sanitized daily
inside and out

Run size over 100
square feet! (6x5
inside run, 6x12
outside run)

Dogs are NEVER
crated or caged

Soothing background
music during the day

Ask about our New
They're twice the size
of our regular runs
both inside and outside!

Exercise Areas
No charge for exercise
and play time

Dogs are let out to run and play individually several times a day in our
large security fenced exercise areas

Meals & Treats
No charge for specialized feeding

We recommend that you bring your pet's own food to avoid any upset

Free "cookie" treats and extra hugs

Authorized dealer of Wellness Dog Food

Cat Boarding
Your cat will have its own large enclosed indoor run (nothing like a crate!)

Run includes shelf, covered chair, fresh litter box, water, food

Sanitized daily

Soothing background music during the day

Same "Home Away From Home" love and attention that our dog boarders receive

Security Fencing
Your dog will be safe within our multiple fence areas. The kennel and exercise areas are security fenced, along with perimeter property fencing

24 hour video monitoring for additional safety
3278 Concord
Hennings Mill Road
Williamsburg, OH 45176
(513) 724-3060
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Dog Boarding
$21 per day
Cat Boarding
$18 per day

Multiple Dog
3rd Dog in Same Run
is Half Price
3rd Cat in Same Run
is Half Price

(including Injections)

Pick Up &
Delivery Service

Drop-off and
Pick-up Hours
by Appointment
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 4pm-6pm