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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I need to make a reservation for our pet?
We prefer reservations in advance, especially around the holidays or summer. However, if you have a last-minute need, we will make every effort to accommodate your pet.

You can reach us at 513-724-3060 - just leave a message as we'll likely be out catering to our animal guests! We'll return your call as soon as possible.

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?
If it's necessary to change or cancel your reservation, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary changes or accommodate another customer on our waiting list.

What Vaccinations does my pet have to have?
Dogs: Rabies, DHLP-P and Bordetella.
Cat: Rabies, FVRCIP and Feline Leukemia.

For the protection of all of our boarders, we don't allow dogs to stay here that are not current with their vaccinations. However, we do honor the new vaccine protocol recommendations of every 2-3 years. Titers will be accepted with proper documentation.

What are the check-in procedures?
Allow 10-15 minutes to give us some time to go over your pets vaccination records and get the necessary information from you about your pets medical history, feeding schedules and to get acquainted with your pet. We will also need a number to be able to reach you or someone else in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to bring my Pet's own food?
Yes - it's always better for your pet to eat the food they're used to eating to avoid any stomach discomfort or digestion issues. Please bring enough for your pet's stay.

However, should you forget your food, we always have Wellness Dog Food available for purchase.

What if my Pet is on a special diet?
Not a problem! Just let us know exactly how you want their meals fixed and how many times a day. We'll gladly take care of it! If your pet can't eat certain things - such as treats - please let us know ahead of time.

Should I bring my pets feeding bowl?
No, we use sterilized stainless steel bowls that are cleaned daily.

What else can I bring? My dogs own bedding, toys or treats?
Yes, you may bring these things. We will provide your pet with a bedding or special foam beds.. Make sure any bedding or toys you bring are machine washable. We are not responsible for any missing or damaged toys.

What about multiple pet discounts?
The more the merrier! A third dog or cat gets a 50% discount.

What type of area would my cat stay in? Will they be in a crate?
Like our dog boarders, your cat also gets the "Home Away From Home" treatment. Your cat will stay in its own large enclosed indoor run (nothing like a crate!) with a shelf and a nice comfy covered chair in a peaceful, secluded area that is safe and secure. Each run comes with a clean, fresh kitty litter box (scooped and changed daily), fresh water and their food. Their run is also cleaned daily to keep it clean and odorless.
We enjoy providing much personal attention to make their stay with us as stress-free as possible. The runs are even large enough for us to go in and sit in the chair with them.

Where does my dog "do it's business"?
We have pea gravel in the outdoor runs, which is easier on their feet than concrete and doesn't get smelly from urine or excrement laying on top of concrete, plus they don't step in it. We scoop the outside runs and the exercise runs 3-4 times a day.

Will my dog have access to the outside portion of their run 24 hours a day?
They can go in and out from early in the morning until 11pm, when most chutes are closed for the night. Then they get their last time run and play in the exercise area, we give them their bedtime treat, a hug, and say goodnight. However, some dogs prefer to have outside access all night. Just let us know ahead of time which your dog would prefer.

What if my dog is aggressive or timid?
All breeds and temperaments are welcome here! We have the expertise to handle aggressive dogs. We will gladly sit down and spend time with timid dogs and hand feed them treats to encourage them to enjoy their new temporary surroundings. First time boarders are often nervous the first day, but with our extra attention they quickly adjust and enjoy their stay with us.

What if I have a female dog in heat or an intact male?
Intact males are welcome. We do not accept dogs in heat, though.

Will my dog interact with other dogs there?
No, not unless it is another dog you own. For their own safety, your dog will never be in physical contact with another dog while here, unless requested by both owners.

What if my dog gets ill during it's stay with you?
One of the check-in procedures is a signed release so that we can obtain emergency treatment for your dog in case it's needed.

In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill, we will contact you first if possible, and we will try to contact YOUR own veterinarian. If your vets office is closed or far away, we will contact our own local veterinarian or we will contact an after-hours emergency vet clinic. You will be responsible for the actual vet invoice.

Can you give my pet it's medicine while it's there?
Absolutely and with no extra charge! We have years of experience and can administer any oral, topical medications or injections that they require while here.

Is there an extra charge for the exercise area or to play with our dog?
We provide all of our boarders time in the large exercise areas several times a day - at no additional cost to you. You do not have to spend extra money for your dog to have "home away from home love" at Lobo Lodge Kennels!

Some kennels have TV sets in the you offer that?
No....all that would do is add to YOUR cost of boarding! We do keep soothing background music on during the daytime hours which helps keep them calm and relaxed.

Dogs much prefer humans to play and love them rather than a TV that's usually above their eye level anyway.

What sort of protection or security does Lobo Lodge have?
Our premises are completely security fenced. The kennel area is fenced within that area - and the individual runs and exercise areas are fenced. We also have 24 hour video surveillance within the property and facilities.

What types of payment do you take?
We take checks or cash. No credit cards.

Can I visit your kennel before making a reservation?
Yes, we recommend that you come and visit our kennel before deciding to board anywhere. Visits are welcome by appointment during our daytime hours of operation. Just give us a call! We're very proud of our kennel and love to show it off!